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Calvary Pines Baptist Church

Small in size and membership but LARGE and growing in the LORD !

THANK YOU for seeking to find a church in our area, where you can worship, fellowship, and grow with other fellow believers.

We believe that God has directed you to this website, and we invite you to check us out and then join us.

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    Dear visitor,

    As pastor I want to express my thanks for your interest in the Lord and pray that you will give us the opportunity to minister to you in the Savior.
    I believe that you will find us a friendly group of believers determined to be honoring, pleasing, and faithful to God in our worship, teaching, fellowship, and outreach. In an age when interest in the things of God is declining and the truth of the word is increasingly compromised, we try to remain steadfast in preaching the gospel, teaching the whole counsel of God, and encouraging the brethren toward godliness in living. We would consider it a privilege to have you join our fellowship!

    Dwight Streblow, Pastor

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